Sorry for the Hiatus

Sorry for being away so long, I’ve been so busy!

Orientation was a blast, and BSU is definitely the place for me. I found a roommate and I’m just so excited. I’ve got 19 hours this semester including an internship and a job:D

Mark’s show was incredible! The whole time I was either crying or just grinning in disbelief. I spent 100 bucks on merch and I have no regrets. I keep getting noticed by Amy! On a livestream, she saw my message about having an alien tattoo and was like “OMG you have an alien tattoo?! I’m jealous!” and I melted. She’s so cute. But then I tweeted it to her and she saw! Last weekend I tweeted about her Dunkin order and she liked that too! I love her so much and she inspires me every day to be better and more free. Tyler noticed me twice too! it was so nice to have someone I love so much see who i am in my element.

I went to Chicago last weekend for Anime Midwest (my vlog is on my youtube @ reallkd) and boy was I tired! I’m so exhausted still and I’m trying to get back into my groove. My paystub was like 450 and I closed for the first time in ages tonight, I’m so tired. Just wanted to update you, I’ll check in later:D



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