Testing the Waters

I’m not sure what I plan to do here, but I know that I’m broke. I have like 13 bucks to my name, my car can’t make it 30 miles without taking a shit, and I have almost nothing ready for my graduation party, and I don’t have any money saved for Vidcon. This is so stressful. I also just lost my job (I’ll explain later), and I’m trying to get a new one, which relies on the car I have that SUCKS but it’ll manage. I have a cash.me for donations if anyone wants to donate, I’ll link it on my blog.

My car is a 1992 cierra cutlass oldsmobile, but has “80k” miles on it. Now, if you know anything, you know that’s probably bullshit and that the guy who had it before me probably fucked with the ODO. I’m sure it’s super sketchy. I didn’t buy it, my dad did, and rather than making sure it was safe, he wanted to make sure it was cheap for him.

My graduation party is on the 11th and the theme is Ball State, as it’s where I’m going in the fall. My decorations are based around ball jars and red/white/black. I have so much decorating to do, and I don’t have the money to do it. It’s stressful, honestly. My parents called the food side, and left me to decorate alone, resource-less.

Vidcon is expensive, far away, and a dream. I thought I’d be able to put away some amount of money, but the bills and expenses have been too much for me to even put anything away. I’ve used my credit card more than I’ve meant to. I also have my phone bill this week.

Just got a text from my main manager about still working there, and having a talk about what happened with my coworker/manager in training. My main manager has given me so many chances and I’m so happy that she believes in me.

Finally, Simone Biles just went home on Dancing With the Stars, WTF?!??!?!?!?!

Night all, I’ll probably be on tomorrow!


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